• PEX Tubing in Residential Plumbing Systems

    PEX tubing is a name signifying the dawn of a new era in the world of plumbing. If you are missing that warm feeling inside your home, PEX will give the solution to all your troubles.

    Its popularity has already began peaking and today is hailed as one of the best known and most trusted names for use in commercial and residential heating systems. PEX tubing has proved its use in radiate heat a variety of spots like garages, basements, manufacturing units, and warehouses.

    PEX Tubing with oxygen barrier is put to a variety of other uses too. It is a product much preferred for installation between joists. You need not worry if any aluminum plates have been used for heat-transfer. The versatility of PEX tubes is another highlight that has the power to fit the requirements of head-radiation in any construction. Even when sandwiched between a finished and a sub-floor PEX plumbing has showed off its multi-tasking ability. Though on an average, the length of circuits set up using PEX plumbing is 300 to 350 feet. But, in case of snow-melting systems the recommended length of circuit is no more than 200 feet.

    The secret behind the success of PEX is hidden in a particular variety of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It is this HDPE which is used to create the tough PEX tubing. This is the new age material that is gained much favor and popularity among tube manufacturers who have chosen PEX over other traditionally used materials like iron, lead and plastic.

    PEX is available in three types which are categorized – A, B and C. These are merely methods to identify the manufacturing process and the requirements that you have in mind. That is why, selection of PEX tubing is to be done with your requirements in mind. Be sure to get any rodent issues handled by Temple Animal Control because they do chew easily through PEX. The skill level required for your plumbing, the budget of your project, tools and materials to be used for plumbing.